Guidelines for lecturers and session chairs


  1. Individual presentations occupy 30 minutes (20 minutes to speak, followed by 10 minutes for discussion).
  2. ‘’The Transnationalization of Religion through Music’’ is a bilingual conference. Consequently, you can present your paper in english or french.
  3. To help you figure out the length of your talk, 20-minute paper will usually comprise about 2200 words.
  4. Please be sure not to overrun. Chairs have instructions to keep the sessions running to time and will ask you politely but firmly to shut up if need be.
  5. Each lecturer is asked to arrive in the conference room 30 minutes before his talk in order to make sure that all material is working properly (computer, audio connection…) The breaks are good moments to do so.


Session chairs

  1. You will receive the abstracts of your session a few days before the conference. This is meant to help you prepare your presentation and the period question. 
  2. Please arrange to meet up with your speakers at the conference in advance of the session – mainly to put all at their ease, but also to ascertain likely points of cross-ref that might fuel after-presentation discussions.
  3. Please be present in the room ten minutes before the session start. Immediately before the session, check with the speakers that everything is ready.
  4. Minutes are precious so make every effort to get enough delegates into the room and seated by the appointed start time, even if some stragglers are still coming in while you introduce the session.
  5. Actually no minutes at all are scheduled for your general introduction and welcome or for your introductions to individual speakers. So make them snappy, please – just one or two sentence(s) if possible.
  6. During presentations, be prepared to assist speakers if the unexpected happens.
  7. Speakers are instructed not to exceed 20 minutes. Please intervene discreetly but firmly if – in spite of all preparations – they are overrunning and need to asked to come to an immediate conclusion. Please take special care that the next speaker is not disadvantaged on account of a serious overrun.
  8. All being well, there will be 10 minutes for discussion after each presentation. If you decide to fire off the first question please be sure to open out the discussion to the floor promptly after that. Please also try to ensure a balance between inter-speaker and speaker-floor discussion.


If you have any query or comment, please contact the coordinator of the conference, Caroline Marcoux-Gendron :

Bureau: A-769

Faculté de musique, Université de Montréal

200 Avenue Vincent d’Indy

Tel: 514 343-6111 poste 2801